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Russell Foster has developed a host of products and services to bring out the best in you. We are all successful in one way or another, the trick is identifying where and applying the same strategy in every area of life.
A Clear Slate
  Do you ever wonder how your mind creates your reality? Do you want to create a new more improved reality? Well, then you are in the right place...Author, life-coach, and clinical hypnotist, Russell Foster, will take you on a journey into the power of our thoughts. By blending ancient spiritual wisdom, modern science, and real life stories you will learn exactly what you believe and why. “We are a lot like a computer, unfortunately, most people have no idea of the mental programming that runs them every day, or how easily it can be changed,” says Foster. By clearing the slate of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior, each of us can tap into our inner genius...BUY NOW!!!
PDF Download $12.97 - Available soon
Personal Performance Plus...
13 tips to improve performance...E-workbook

  Do you want a more practical approach? Do you feel that you don't have time to read long books? While reading powerful information will help, to make faster changes you have to actively participate in the learning process. Well research shows that the more you interact, and the more of our senses we stimulate, the faster learning will be. In this short but very powerful electronic workbook you will be taught and tested. Workbooks are powerful reprogramming tools because activities like free writing tap into our innermost beliefs and bring our programming to the surface. The more you give the more you receive.
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The Science of Getting Rich...Home Study Course...
Book cover
  Are you facing some challenging times financially? With the economy today, many people will undoubtedly answer yes. Well have you considered that your “relationship with money” could be a large part of the problem? Maybe your financial situation is because of your beliefs about money?? In this home study course you will be exposed to different philosophies about money designed to help you identify patterns that have kept you stuck when it comes to making money...you might consider the Science of Getting Rich Boot Camp!
PDF Download $29.97 - Available soon
  Do you want something more challenging than books and workbooks. What to amp yourself up a little faster? Then we have the perfect thing...the Get Your Brain in Gear, Boot Camps are designed to really test your awareness of how you think and what you believe. Our programming is our best asset or our biggest liability. The challenge with most people is their most powerful beliefs are also hidden. Furthermore, in times of real crisis or passion do we come face-to-face with our innermost beliefs. But why wait till a crisis hits?
These one-day workshops are intense and designed to put your beliefs to the test, on a variety of levels. By identify limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors you will find yourself more productive, more creative and happier.
  February 2011   The Science of Getting Rich...Boot Camp   Dates TBA  
  March 2011   Limitation to Liberation...Boot Camp   Dates TBA  
  April 2011   Desperation to Inspiration...Boot Camp   Dates TBA  
Boot Camp
Personal Sessions
These are one-on-one, interactive coaching sessions designed to overcome one specific obstacle. Using Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, or a combination of techniques Russell Foster will work with you to eliminate limiting beliefs, imaginary fears, or self-sabotaging behaviors.
Boot Camp
Mentoring is much more global and long-term oriented program for the individual who wants to make lasting changes in a variety of areas of life. With a year to work together, Russell will help you do develop a step-by step approach to achieving your personal goals. While personal coaching sessions are very effective for overcoming one specific challenge, mentoring is a holistic approach to creating harmony in all areas of life. The primary goal of mentoring is to develop a long-term vision for where the client wants to see him or her self in the future; then we work to identify any obstacles and develop new tools to bring that vision to fruition.
Boot Camp

12 MONTHS - $2497.00
Spots are limited.

Price includes up to three personal sessions as well as access via phone and or email...
Professional Speaking

Russell Foster is available to speak at your club or organization.

Please call for more information - 561-271-2003.

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